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Automatic CRM E-mail journalisation from Lotus Notes to Dynamics AX
Intoint offers Mail Journalisation Module for INTOGRATE Axapta - CRM.
Automatic journalisation of sent and received e-mails in Axapta.
The importance of knowledge management, journaling of customer contacts and easy access to correct data for every employee has increased during the last few years. Improved response times, updated knowledge for all employees and preservation of knowledge are some of the advantages of optimizing the processes for journalising data.

The CRM module in Microsoft Dynamics AX offers journalisation for a lot of different types of data (Word documents, text files, Lotus Notes mails etc.). These files often have a reference to a customer or a contact person. INTOGRATE Axapta -CRM supports automatically journaling of mails sent from AX and the possibility to journal an e-mail using drag&drop in the CRM module.

Intoint has extended the current possibilities in Dynamics AX with a new module for INTOGRATE Axapta - CRM: INTOGRATE Axapta - Mail Journaling. The module automatically journals e-mails sent and received in Lotus Notes. By comparing e-mail addresses all relevant e-mails are automatically journalised in Dynamics AX - CRM.

The mail journaling process can be run manually or setup to run in batch/periodic.

The mail journaling module is an extension for INTOGRATE Axapta - CRM and will automatically use the same settings when journaling mails. If a user is setup to e.g. journal any attachments on a mail in a separate entry the mail journaling will use this setting as well.

The newer versions of Lotus Domino (from version 6) supports a server based automatic journaling of mails on the Lotus Domino mail server. A copy of all mails sent and received through the Lotus Domino mail server will be saved to a single Lotus Notes database. The mail journaling module supports the use of one single Lotus Notes database as the source for the journaling. In this case the journaling could be run in a batch-process.

More about integration between Dynamics AX and Lotus Notes on www.intograte.com

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Automatic CRM E-mail journalisation from Lotus Notes to Dynamics AX
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