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INTOGRATE ready for AX 2009
INTOGRATE is now ready for Dynamics AX 2009
The new version of Axapta - Dynamics AX 2009 - where release in summer 2008.
INTOGRATE has now been adjusted so that integration between Dynamics AX 2009 and Lotus Notes is now possible.

Even the user interface in AX 2009 has been changed considerably, the functionality regarding integration with Lotus Notes has not changed radically.
As most code regarding date and time has changed in the AX CRM module, an upgrade to the new INTOGRATE version is needed, if AX customers upgrade to AX 2009.

As the AX 2009 has been changed radically in the CRM part compared to Axapta 3.0, this INTOGRATE update has resulted in massive changes in the Axapta code of INTOGRATE.
So the new version of INTOGRATE is now comparable with the correspondent functionality to Microsoft Outlook.

INTOGRATE customers with Software Upgrade Susbcription can of course download this update for free.
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