Dynamics AX CRM Integration to Lotus Notes

Intoint has developed a strong and close integration solution between the AX CRM module and the calendar and ToDo-system in Lotus Notes. The integration solution is based on the existing mail integration system in AX and will support any modifications made to this.

Intoint has great experience in both Dynamics AX and Lotus Notes and it was therefore a matter of course that Intoint should develop a system for closely tying the two systems together.

Intoint has developed two integration modules: the Mail integration module and the CRM integration module.

The INTOGRATE AX – Mail integration module makes it possible for AX users with Lotus Notes mail clients to send mails directly from AX via Lotus Notes. The AX user will notice nothing different and can send reports, lists, etc. in the usual manner.

The INTOGRATE AX – CRM Integration module contains the mail integration module expanded by integration to the calendar and the todo-system in Lotus Notes. The CRM module in AX is a tool for sales people, account managers, etc. who need to stay in contact with customers, leads, etc.

The INTOGRATE AX – CRM module uses ‘activities’ to keep track of appointments, reminders, etc. Usually, users maintain such information in their calendar system and/or their mail system. This is why Intoint has developed the integration module for AX CRM and Lotus Notes!

INTOGRATE are easily installed in large companies through ‘auto-install’ tools and can be used by all companies using Lotus Notes and AX.

For further information, placing orders, etc. please contact Intoint by e-mail: info@intoint.com or by phone: (+45) 70 20 51 10.